Beyond Techniques


White Sash Level:  Yin/Yang principle,
dimensional thinking, 4 shapes, energies, directions,
training stance, bridge hands, punching principle,
Centerline, Transitional footwork -- side-to-side

Yellow Sash LevelFirst Form (Sil Nim Tao),
four-corner concept, four corner drills, Pak-Sao
drill.  The Simultaneous Attack/Defend concept.
Fighting Stance, 3 body positions – main body,
diagonal body and side body position. Transitional

Orange Sash Level:  second form, fighting
stance, single Chi-Sao, beginning footwork –
Dart/Retreat, Walk forward/Backward, Lop-Sao drill.

Green Sash Level:  Third Form, Single Chi-Sao
applications.  More footwork:  Shuffle
Forward/Backwards, Side-Steps and Cross-Steps.
Kicking based on knee positions.  Single Chi-Sao

Brown Sash Level:  Kicking Form, double
Chi-Sao, Energy-flow drills and applications.  Timing
and Distancing, Energy Drill applications. 
Joint-Locking and Throwing based on Footwork.

Red Sash Level:  Wooden Dummy Form, Double Chi-Sao
applications – from trapping to punching, from
trapping to kneeing/kicking, from trapping to
joint-locking and from trapping to throwing.  Light
sparring – working the offense.

Purple Sash Level:  Bat Jam Dao Form (Eight-slashing
Double Knives),   Explain all forms Non-sticking Free
Sparring.  Light sparring – working the defense.
Future Fighting concept.

Black Sash Level:  Liu Dim Boon Kwun Form
(Six-and-a-Half-Point Long Pole), how it relates to
grappling, locking and throwing.  Further
understanding of how power is generated.  Free
sparring – from kicking range to punching range, from
punching range to sticking range, from sticking range
to grappling range.