Beyond Techniques


Sifu Li-Ping Chang has more than 30 years of experience in martial arts training. He has been teaching Wing Chun Kung-fu for 15 years.

He started his martial arts journey in Shotokan karate while in his teens. He went on to study Taekwondo, Judo, 8-Step Praying Mantis and finally found his true calling in Wing Chun Kung-fu.

He studied with Master Augustine Fong briefly in Tucson, Arizona, then he met his last teacher and
mentor Jim Lau -- one time Inside Kung-fu "Instructor of the Year". Mr. Lau took him in as a private student and showed him innovative ways of looking at a highly efficient fighting art.

There are many people who influenced him during his martial journey. Among them, the late great Grand
Master of Praying Mantis Wei Hsiao-Tang, the incomparable Dan Pezold, the late "Irish Bruiser" Jerry McKinley, Mohammed Hagony and "Hong Si-Kwan" John Hume.

Sifu Chang has a very unique approach to teaching Wing Chun Kung. He calls it "dimensional thinking". He focuses on teaching the "principles" and "concepts" of human motions instead of "techniques". He believes that once these "principles" and "concepts" are understood, every movement becomes a "technique".